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Glossary term cache issue when using the Quick Term editor

In yesterday's build, the issue still exists:

I use the Quick Term editor, make a change to a source term and save the term pair.

I go back one segment and one segment forward: the glossary pane doesn't reflect my change. When I open the old entry in the Quick Term editor again, I see that the change is there! It's just that it isn't displayed in the glossary pane.

This issue has been introduced with:

CafeTran Espresso 2015 Update 2

- Terms cache is updated after the edition of a term in Quick Term editor to use the updated term correctly in Auto-assembling.

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Hi Hans,

If you modify the translation of a term and its fields in the Quick Term editor, they are refreshed immediately. If you modify the source term itself, you need to reload to refresh the map due to possible source term alternatives present. I should make the refresh automatic for the source term in Update 4.


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