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Optimal workflow for 2 computers / translators


I am currently testing out several workflows to work with 2 computers (might also be applicable to 2 translators, though this 2nd case might be quite complex).

Case scenario: 

I am working with CT on a Mac, but in the evening and out of office I work with CT on a Windows notebook. For this I create CT packages and put them in my cloud. After working on this package I have two and a half options;

- export as a package from the 2nd machine (but when opening this package again on the 1st machine, I am creating a 2nd project on the same machine...)

- export as TM and import / imclude this TM on the 1st machine to pre-translate there, without doing anything else (but due to the "Do not match" settings, this can mean a lot of rework)

- not tested yet: simply replace the xlf file on the 1st machne with the newert xlf file from the 2nd machine (but will I doom my project with this step?)

Anyway, it would be nice to have a "Reimport package" option and/or even have a "Convert project" > "to XLF file" option.

I have my xliff and TMX and gloss in Dropbox and switch often. No need for packages. Only minor issue is that I have to write down the segment number where I left. Guess that this is only valid for third-party xliff. Aren't you making things too complicated?

Too complicated? Probably.

Wasn't here a thread that glossary and TM should not be put in the cloud (due to performance reasons, not to privacy reasons)? I (still) have a very slow internet connection (so slow that some features such as "Improve auto-assembling with MT" do not really work), so a permanently updated 3 MB XLF file might block the entire connection (okay, I can disable the synchronization as long as I work).

Anyway, the menu command "Convert project" > "to XLF file" would be pretty cool.

Yes, I'd advise you to turn off syncing until you're ready to leave your office. You have to find something that reminds you to turn on syncing before you leave the office :).

Of course, this can be automated ;).

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