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Way ot insert tab in target pane, while keeping CT's "source/target pane cycling" shortcut.?

I’m tired, and so this is probably a stupid question.

I have CafeTran set so that I can cycle between source and target pane using the tab key on my keyboard. However, my current text contains millions of tabs, so I would like to be able to insert them with my keyboard when translating, obviously without jumping back and forth between the source and target pane. 

I tried a little Autohotkey script (::tt::`t), but instead of inserting a tab, it triggers tab, thus triggering CafeTran's source/target-cycling shortcut.

Is there a way to keep the tab shortcut so that I can use it to cycle between source and target pane, but use a different shortcut to actually insert a tab character in the target pane?


Figured it out: 

View > Segment Panes > Cycle focus between segment panes

PS: it would be great is we could alphabetically sort the keyboard shortcuts. Finding stuff in the list is a bit of a pain.

Hi Michael,

Your request has been added to the to-do list.



Speaking of tabs, can we have it so we can show tabs, but not spaces? 

I only show spaces if I absolutely have to, as I find that it distracts me from the text. However, it is very important to see whether there are any tab characters in the text, which I sometimes miss, because I always have hidden characters switched off.

Wow, just figured out a way to use the tab key on my keyboard to cycle between the source and target pane, while still being able to easily insert a tab character in the target pane (with a shortcut): with ArsClip, my amazing Clipboard Manager:

ArsClip is possibly the most important piece of software on my computer. I use it hundreds of time a day, primarily as a clipboard manager (it saves a list of everything I copy/paste over the day), but also to insert saved text snippets (dictionary names, email addresses, tel. numbers, etc.). It also has various ways of processing the clipboard (and assigning shortcuts to these routines), which can be very, very useful.

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