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regular expressions rule

The people in the Déjà Vu are very happy with the new regular expressions. Something we already have since 1865.

Read this:

Couldn't resist to quickly try in CafeTran, great CAT tool for the united peoplez:

(This is the result of the F/R action on the copied source to target content.)

Of course this works. For the segments 2 and 3, the syntax has to be adjusted a little.

and yeah, 20,00 should have been 20.00

Ha ha, yeah, they are slowly crawling forward. Maybe one day Atril will finally have the genius idea to finally enable highlighting of glossary matches, like every other CAT tool on the planet. Poor DVXers. I can't believe they don't have that yet, and, what's worse, they don't even seem to care. I asked about it in their Yahoo group once, and basically got laughed at. An odd bunch, if you ask me. Oops, did I say that?

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