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Another Beijerdea

Just saw a van of them passing by :).

As you can see, they are in Transit.

Bastards got my domain. It was still free, and then I went to register it, and they had nabbed all of them:, Beijer,net, etc.

Hence I now have

Oops. Didn't know that. Please accept my sincerest feelings of medeleven.

You like the Coffee talk forum too?

Havin' an espresso as we speak.

Anyway, it was very funny to see your name on a big truck passing by in our narrow street, while I was riding on my bike to the office.

Which I'll be leaving on Friday :(. 

Leaving your office!? Where will you go? MacBook air in a café? ;)

On Friday. I'll be working at home. Until the new office is ready (site not L13z'd yet). Holiday first. We'll be visiting you. You'll have to sleep on the couch. 

As of September 25:

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