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How to easily find source terms with several translations in a glossary

Eg in a glossary that you received from a client. Solution: run Glossary > Merge Then open the glossary in an editor and search for entries with a ;

Further preparations: resolve all entries that are in traditional dictionary style (book):

You might also want to duplicate entries with certain characters, like ß and the Umlaut vowels:

Comprendo ahora si señor gracias mucho mucho!

Imagine that a client sent you a list/Excel table to use as a glossary. He tells you that you should only use these target terms.

First step is: Create a CafeTran glossary.

Second step: Run Glossary > Merge to spot any source terms for which the client has erroneously entered two or more target terms.

Third step: Present your client with your findings and discus them.

Not really sure what you mean. Can you explain?

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