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How to handle variables in MIF projects

MIF projects usually contain lots of variables. After all, that's what this authoring tool is designed for: writing/handling large technical documentations with lots of references, type numbers, serial numbers, part numbers, brand names etc. etc.

How to deal with them in CafeTran?

Issa siempel!

Make non-translatables of them, taking care to include the < and > too.

Now you can also use Task > Transfer non-translatable segments to target to quickly fill those many segments that only consist of variables:

In the Source segment pane:

(orange is my colour for non-translatables; note that adjacent non-translatables aren't separated by a thin white bar -- yet)

Well, actually they should have been protected and handled as tags in CafeTran too.

I like the idea of CT treating them as tags. This should be a feature!

Whenever I receive this kind of file, I prepare it using Transtoolsto make them become tags (i.e. by hiding it).


Are we talking about Adobe FrameMaker Maker Interchange Files (MIF) here?

Oh, Hans, I'm sorry.

No. For some reason when replying my eyes skipped that part T-T.

Please ignore my post :D

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