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CT on Fedora

Anyone using CT on Fedora, especially on a MacBook Air? I'd be interested to know how much free RAM is available for CT.

I think my toaster is running Fedora.

This must be a misunderstanding on your side: the T in CT doesn't stand for toaster...

Don't you ever sleep?

Hello Bernhard, before you throw your MBA out of the window, perhaps it would be nice to test it with Fedora?

Hello, I just started with CT on two systems, both running fedora 22 (both systems are intel based).

One system is a fairly slow  netbook and CT seems to run ok. 

Please, Waltraud, don't hesitate to post some nice screenshots!

Very distracting these flashing bears, Michael. Do you think that I'm childish or so?

(If so, you are right.)

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ok - here is a very simple screenshot on fedora 22 (gnome).

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