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Remove documents


With the newest build nothing happens when I click on "Remove document" in the Project menu (even if I restart CT).
I'm translating five sdlxliff files from the same folder. It used to work with other builds (I removed files quite often), but it doesn't work anymore with this build.
I didn't move the folder and didn't do anything special or unusual.

Hi Alain,

Currently, "Remove document" works for CafeTran projects. I plan to add this functionality to external xliff files as well. It will be announced.


IK: "Remove document" works for CafeTran projects.

But how does it work? There are too many documents in my CafeTran project, I have to scroll down quite a bit before I can open the last one. If I hit "Remove document...", I suppose I'll have to remove them one by one? Is there an alternative? Would it be an idea to put the latest document on top?


But how does it work? 

Open your project and then just choose Project > Remove document.... . You should see the list with your documents in the project. Click on a document's name to remove the document from the project.

Thanks, it works. That is, you can only remove documents one by one, or remove them all. Guess what I, as a patient, nice user who never gets angry did after three removals? I take it it's alright, though. I'll find out soon enough.


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