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[Mac] CT freezes – what processes to stop?

Yesterday and this morning CafeTran freezes (very seldom, about once or twice a day). When stopping it with system means and restarting it, it freezes again (the windows appears, but remains grey and the system tells me it does not react.

Okay, restarting the Mac does the trick, so there must be some (CT-own or Java?) process besides, that must be stopped, I assume. Does anybody know which one? 

Thanks in advance.


Hi Elena,

CT uses Java Web browser component which is constantly improved by Oracle developers. Make sure you use the latest Java (currently 8 update 51). Once in a while, there is a web site that may hang this component. If you use several websites at the same time + TMs + glossaries, please increase Java Memory Size in Edit > Option > Memory tab but do not go over the total RAM in your system with the Java settings.


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In my case, working also with an iMac, CT freezes when using the tabs for web resources, not always, but 1 time out of 4. Once it happens, I have to force quit and then the project I was working in won't appear anymore in the recent projects drop down menu in the project dashboard, but once I close the dashboard,  it will appear under Project > Open Project> Folder Projects (but again not in Recent Projects).


Hello, I did the CT update right now and will let you know if any further problem arises (and usually I do not use the toolbar, but I will test this if necessary).

Hi Torsten,

You should not downgrade Java. Did you update CT to the latest version as described here:

Is the issue repetitive? Does it concern only pressing your keyboard shortcut or the S button in the context toolbar as well? 


No, I did not do any update. Wait... indeed, there was an automatic update, and I have the latest version...

Anyway, I realized that this has happened (at least) today when pressing Alt-' (this is my shortcut for "Surround with characters 2", in this case "(S)" and with "ä" on the German keyboard (just in case, to localize this key, the 'ä' is two keys to the right from the 'L'). I assumed that any of the surrounding keys might be a shortcut that makes CT freeze for some reason (connecting to a non-existing DB server/ Total recall DB or something else in this direction).

Yesterday it happened after deleting all stuff from the "Do not match" field in the preferences for Memory (I assume I should not do this in a running project).

Should I downgrade my Java?

Can this be caused by updating to the newest version of Java? (Java 8 Update 51)

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