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invoice from CafeTrans

Hi, I need an invoice for my VAT administration. How can I donload my invoice as a pdf?

Hi, I don't have an answer to that. But your name sounds Dutch. You're in Roze Maandag City too?

Yep! in Tilburg city of all places! jij ook?

Hi Miriam.

I will send you a PDF invoice at your contact e-mail address soon.


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Yes me too. Perhaps we can have a face to face session after the summer holidays. I'll be moving to a new office on September 25. You'd be the first ct contact to visit De Plint :).

Perfect! We are linked now. Let me know when you move in. It would be very nice to be one of the 1st visitors! Have a nice summer. 

Hé Miriam, 

Ik ga je nog een persoonlijk bericht sturen, maar ik zit inmiddels in het nieuwe kantoor. Binnenkort 'ns lunchen bij Dudok?



Hi all, I'm not from Tilburg ;) but I will need an invoice with VAT too, for this quarter's VAT declaration. Any way that can be found in my personal files from now on?


Same here – for the confirmation of my purchase I also need an invoice in PDF. 

Please reply as soon as possible.



Hi Arek,

The PDF invoice will be sent at your contact e-mail address soon.


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Thank you for the prompt feedback!


I would need an invoice for my accountant as well.


Hi Tina,

Please submit a support ticket where the invoice can be attached.



Thank you for your answer. I just submitted a support ticket.

Hi. What about invoice? Has been resolved? I need a PDF for my accountant.
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