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How to get notified of postings?

Is there a setting to get notified of new postings?

Click on "Follow", to the right of a subforum's main page!

Okay, I understand: but how do i get to the right? Who does assign the right to me?

I’m not sure I understand you. 

If you click on "Follow", "Follow" will change to "Following" (indicating that you are now following the subforum). If you click on "Following", it will change back to "Follow" (indicating that you are now no longer following the subforum).

So basically you are the one who switches it on or off.

I suppose, of course, that the admin (Igor) might also be able to assign the right to follow or not follow a subform to a particular user.

In order to be able to click on the Follow button, one has to be logged in.

No shit, Sherlock.

But to reply to this, you have to go to the web interface!

Yes, following, and replying for that matter, are only possible from the web interface. No biggie though as the web interface displays fine on my iPad and Windows Phone.

Well, when I click Reply on myPhone I have to log in again (that means: click the Log in button) and then I have to navigate to the appropriate forum and message.

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