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Removing segments from exported bilingual Word files


Is there any way to strip segments out of the exported bilingual doc file without breaking the ability to use the Import function?

I've used MemoQ before, and it had the ability to lock segments and keep them out of the bilingual export, or I could delete the rows straight from the bilingual file and still manage to import it after review back into MemoQ.

The thing is I have a customer who often sends me texts that have only been altered about 30%, and the rest can be found from my old TMs. This enabled me to only send the new parts of the text to my reviewer without her having to review segments already reviewed before.

I know I can just delete the rows from the Word file and make amendments to the project by hand, but still, the import function would be great.

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Thanks! I tried this and it works fine. Instead of hiding the text I cut & pasted it into another document. Once the new texts are reviewed, I'll open the file with the old texts, copy & paste them, sort by index No and Voilà -- ready for import :)


The next build will allow you to export filtered selections from the grid.

That sounds great. Looking forward to it.


As a work-around: insert all EMs. Filter on them. Replace the start of all filtered target segments with !! Collapse the filter. Translate the empty segments. Create review table. Sort on target column. Hide all rows with !! Sort on column containing segment numbers. F/R the !! with nothing.
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