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Adding new words to LibreOffice dictionary

Hi! Does anyone know if it's possible to add words to a dictionary (from CT) when using OO/LibreOffice for spell-check? Or if it's possible to make it happen? I'd guess it shouldn't be too difficult technically, because wordbooks are essentially just text files where terms are listed one under the other. It would make proofing long translations a lot easier.



Any particular reason why you are not using the Hulnspell spell checker? What spell checker does OO use? Isn't that Hunspell too? If adding new words to the custom dictionary isn't possible from within ct, you can do this via a macro that writes a selected word to the dictionary.
Here is an AutoHotkey scripting lib:

Thanks for the ahk link. I'm not using Hunspell because Finnish is not really supported (there are some older Aspell dictionaries, but even those miss the majority of the words). LibreOffice uses Voikko (, which is a million times better and which CT seems to use as well when it's connected to OO/LO.

I can add each new word via LO interface manually after the translation, or during if I want to copy/paste individual words from CT into LO, but I'd rather add them directly from CafeTran :)

Thanks for that link! It's really interesting to read about the complexity of spell checking in Finnish. E.g. The reasons for using malaga instead of Hunspell.

Please don't hesitate to post any information about using CafeTran with Finnish as a source language :).

Perhaps this Freshdesk should even go so far that separate subsubforums are created for Japanese, Hungarian, Finnish etc.

Without any macros needed, you can of course assign any glossary just for creating a custom dictionary for spell checking. You can use the left or right column of the glossary to add to your custom dictionary.

Does this menu work with your Voikko spell checker:

Probably not (I think it's based on the built-in Hunspell). You could decide to temporarily switch to Hunspell and run some batches of plain text (e.g. 50 x 10.000 words) from your subject field and collect all unknown words, to add them to your custom dictionary.

I must say, this Voikko project sounds impressive.

Must run now.

As you guessed, that menu item doesn't work. But your suggestion for using Hunspell to collect unknown words is excellent - I'll make sure to try that. Thanks!

Yes, it truly is incredible what power features CafeTran offers. Perhaps you should ask Igor to add support for Vokuhila?

Running thru the woods

I realised that this was dumb:

>Please don't hesitate to post any information about using CafeTran with Finnish as a source language :).

Of course you use Finnish as  target language, else you wouldn't need a spell checker :).

(Yep, I have my brightest moments in zea woodsa.)

I use a modified version of a Hunspell dictionary (1) to spell check my target language (UK English), and I also use MS Word's UK English dictionary (2) to spell check my translations.









I therefore end up adding custom words to my Hunspell CUSTOM.DIC (in CafeTran) when QA-ing my project, and then often adding the same terms to my MS Word CUSTOM.DIC file in MS Word, when doing a final spell check.

I keep meaning to devise a macro (AutoHotkey?) that would auto-sync these two files. Or maybe automatically add any terms I add in CafeTran to my MS Word CUSTOM.DIC file.

Igor, you reading this? You have any suggestions?

>I use a modified version of a Hunspell dictionary

That sounds very good. How is this dictionary modified?

Modified by Kevin Atkinson ( etc.)(note that is currently dtheown). He sent me his special en-GB version.

That is really amazing!

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