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Keep tabs joined/disjoined/floating

First I thought this might be a Mac-only problem, but I have the same problem under Windows:

When I start a project, all the tabs I use are stored (MT, TM, TB etc.). But CT does not store if these tabs are joined or floating. When I restart CT (in the morning, after a break, after doing some work on a 2nd CT project) all tabs are there, but I need to join them and arrange again (or make them float, in most cases 4 or 6 tabs. 

And when making a tab float, it would be very nice to keep the size and/or position (that needs to be kept in a certain range, to avoid any problem with tab windows out of scope).

Hi Torsten,

That's strange. When I start a project, all the tabs I use are stored (MT, TM, TB etc.), and CT does reopen any joined resources in the right place. Floating stuff doesn't get saved on computer either. I mean, it does open automatically, but is no longer floating.


Glossaries docked to TE and TP are remembered. Joined MTs are remembered. Joining if TM with MTs is not remembered. When you switch to another project, you have to rearrange indeed. Some kind of saving would be nice. For assigning a floating pane to a fixed location I have a macro for Mac. But yes, this setting isn't remembered either. I think that many resources are constant and their positions too, eg glossaries and MTs. It would already be nice if one or more TMs could be docked to them. My pref: dock one TM at the left of two MTs in the TP. The TM can vary from project to project. But any TM could be docked at the left of the TP.

Joined resources (their tabs) are remembered as long as you join two resources. CT allows joining multiple resources (tabs) but remembers the settings between the sessions if any two resources are joined.


Thanks for your answer, Igor. Combining two and again two resources and docking the 2nd combination to the tabbed pane does the trick. Nevertheless it would be nice to have at least this feature (saving the tab configuration independent from the tab number) implemented.

Please take a look at the last update. Both floating panels and multiply joined resources are remembered now.


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