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New laptop takes hours to update

At first I thought that the new laptop was defect. Directly after switching it in for the first time, it reported that it had found 318 updates. I clicked Install and then nothing. For hours. I rebooted although it did say I shouldn't. It didn't boot but started installing one update of one. This again took several hours. Then I had to go to school to enjoy a musical: very well acted indeed. We returned and it looked like the laptop had fall asleep: the power button was flashing. I pressed it and the one of one installation went on. At around 22:00 (I started at 16:00) the laptop booted. After that only five optional fixes. Might as well install them. Waiting, booting. Another 30 minutes or so. Finally the laptop was up to date. Does anyone recognise this?

An update: The Pavilion is now running fast. Little boy is enjoying building new Minecraft worlds ;).

Yes, it's the downloading time that I'm worried about: Airport Express with 5 GHz here:

Laptop only reaches 17 Mbps (doesn't have 5 GHz).

I think that it's the MS Update Server that is slow, or that many users in Tilburg are trying to connect this server. Normally not a problem, except when you start updating a laptop that has been lying on the shelf for a couple of months.

Activated MS Parental Control today, since the self regulation on the first official holiday wasn't to call home about.

on the first official day of the Summer holiday 

PS: Forgot that there are actually also CrashPlan app for Android | iOS | Windows Phone

How does one get 30 GB of free Dropbox space? ;)

This is real countryside (only 60 km or about 40 mi. from Munich).

Oops, sorry, make that 22.2 GB. I have 22.5 GB in my free account.

Back in the day, I recommended it to all my friends, and so got all the free GBs based on that. I also did all the stuff that gets you free GBs, such as using their Auto Photo Uploader thingee (didn't really need it, just switched it on to get the free space).

So now I use CrashPlan PROe instead, but still have my 22.5 GB of free space in Dropbox which I still use for some stuff: like sharing files and screenshots.

Yes, but only with a very old, very slow laptop, many years ago, with a terrible internet connection. What laptop is this, what OS, and what was your internet connection like?

Brand-new HP Pavillion i5, with SSHD. Good internet connection So I'm totally puzzled

Wow, that's pretty terrible. Which OS?

Windows 8.1. Holiday season here, perhaps that's extra stress for the MS update server?

System was up to date yesterday at 23:00. Now uploading 32 new updates.
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