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can you recommend a dictionary to be downloaded and can it be linked to Cafe Tran?

I am new at working with CafeTran Espresso and I hope it is not a stupid question.
Is it possible to link CafeTran with a downloaded dictionary, so by translating the program makes links to the dictionary? And if yes, do you know a good online dictionary to be downloaded on a Mac?

Hello and welcome. Do you have any particular dictionary in mind?

Hello Hand and thank you fo replying. I am mainly translating English into German...
Do you have some suggestions?

Thank you


About the linking: You would have to ask the publisher. I guess that when the dictionary engine is good, it can be used as a service (that means: you can assign a keyboard shortcut to the dictionary and every word that is selected in CafeTran, will be searched in the dictionary).

Are you a member of the BDÜ? I'm asking because they offer (offered?) some interesting dictionaries too. Online access.

Thank you Hans, I will do that.


Aha, I understand now. You are not necessarily looking for a (bilingual, English-German) dictionary that is hosted online, but just a dictionary that you can use inside CafeTran.

Hmm, there are many options in that case.

For example, for only €7.50, you can get Henk Sanderson's excellent IATE extraction, "English to German IATE terminology package" via✓&marketplace_language_pair=English+to+German&seller=All (which contains a whopping 997,266 term concepts!)

Also read this page for info:

I have a few with German-English on my website,, for example this one:

I also recently created a massive collection of translation memories of English-German patent-related material, which is available from here:

This site also has a ton of downloadable bilingual dictionaries, many of them English-German:

If you need a bit of help getting them CafeTran-ready, just ask!

Also just noticed that offers a pretty good looking German-English and English-German dictionary (w/ 840,000 words, phrases, and translations, including idioms):

Subscribe to Oxford Dictionaries German, from only £1.99 per month

Per year£9.99

Per month£1.99

• German-English and English-German dictionary

• more than 840,000 words, phrases, and translations, including idioms

• covers German* and British & American English

• thousands of example sentences to show language in use

• listen to German words and sentences

• hundreds of grammar and usage notes for tricky translation problems

• up-to-date and accurate translations

*including many Swiss and Austrian terms

More Oxford Dictionaries subscriptions

>more than 840,000 words, phrases, and translations, including idioms


Thank you all for your advice and help. I look into it all....and probably will have some more questions:))

Have a fine evening!


If you do SAP stuff, these two are interesting!

SAP_ Dictionary.xls = 16,000 entries (German, English, French, Italian and Spanish)

sapdict.xls = 25,000 entries (German/English)


(860 KB)
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