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Strange rules at Proz

What I don't understand about the policy of Proz is: Why is it allowed to mention Microsoft Windows in a forum about Mac, while it is not allowed to mention CafeTran in a forum about Studio?

Is it because Apple doesn't pay for advertisements at Proz or what can the reason be?

How can people that come from countries with little freedom of speech forbid others to speek freely in public forums? I find that this is a very, very bad thing. No one should be kept from expressing his feelings, as long as he's considering the feelings of other persons.

Well, I find it quite understandable. CafeTran has its own forum on Proz and this is the best place to post about it there. Personally, I would refrain from posting about CafeTran on competitors' forums. I would feel like spoiling someone else's party.


So, as a matter of fact, you agree with my posting being removed?

I did not see your posting there so don't know the context. I only express my personal opinion as a CT developer to stay away from other CAT tools forums focusing on the CT forum.


Please note that you could say the same (the spoiling) about Windows fans (like Michael being one of the biggest) having a party at the Mac forum. They are happy to be my guest. I think that freedom of speech means that you also let people speak to who's opinions you don't agree.

I respect your opinion, Igor, but I don't agree with it. My posting contained a remark about a comparing video that also mentioned CafeTran. So it was on topic, as far as I'm concerned.

Hans, it is okay to disagree on certain topics. Everyone has a slightly different view in this respect. Your argument of being on topic may be valid. Mine rather concerns ethics. If I ever entered, say, memoQ forums, I would feel like a guest in someone's house and would not comment on CT's handling anything better, even if it was true, on topic and in context. These things are really personal so let us keep our own views :)

For you as the developer it would indeed be strange to post such messages. You shouldn't get involved there.

It gets even stranger. Asked explicitly for ideas for enhancements of Studio:

Ideas for new Studio apps

This contribution about memoQ is posted:

So, why, oh why isn't this one vetted because of rule 4.4?

Please note: I don't think it should, but I really don't understand the mechanism involved.

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