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Integration of TM-Town glossaries into search results in the " term search" facility + link to purchase them via your TM-Town profile.

Hello fellow CafeTranslators and other esteemed individuals,

It would be cool if your TM-Town terminology files would show up 

in their own category when you run a search on a term at … and select "Separate results by resource". Currently, the new " term search" facility can break your search down into the following categories:

• KudoZ 

• KudoZ open glossary

• Personal glossaries

• Glosspost online glossaries

• Glossary building KudoZ, and

• Wikiwords

How about a new category, called "TM-Town glossaries"?

This could be used to drive sales of TM-Town glossaries.

I currently have a boatload of glossaries on*, which is nice because fellow translators can search them, but they cannot download them for use in their CAT tool. Heck, even I can't download them (without resorting to an arcane script courtesy of Samuel Murray). 

Wouldn't it be great if TM-Town glossaries also showed up among these search results, and could be clicked on and purchased (for a small fee)? 

As things stand, I merely upload any glossaries I come across in my translation travels and then immediately forget about them. However, if they were linked to my TM-Town profile, I would be much more inclined to actually improve and maintain them. A perfect example of a way in which TM-Town can benefit the translator (in reply to Bernhard's recent question on Proz @ 


-------------------------- •••

* Go to and click on the “+” sign next to the "Glossaries" section, which will reveal:

"2000 textieltermen, Aerospace Glossary, audit stuff, Automotive Glossary: ‘Technisch Woordenboek Engels Nederlands’, Beknopt paardentaal-woordenboek, Automotive Glossary, Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV), Comspeak - A Vocab of Business English, Dictionary for Urbanists, Dutch-English, DoP_CE_matrix.xlsx (Glossary in 24 languages of the European Aluminium Association AISBL), Dutch-English legal, Earste algemiene list fan kompjûterbegripen foar de Fryske taal, EUROVOC Multilingual Thesaurus of the European Union, Glossary of Screen and Digital Printing Terms, FINANCIAL & COST ACCOUNTING GLOSSARY, Flooring glossary, GEMET Thesaurus 4.0, GEONET: geotechnical engineering glossary, Glossary from a Dutch insurance company, Glossary of 4,441 miscellaneous items, Glossary of Aged Care Terminology, Glossary of construction terms from, Glossary of magnetic microstructures and magnetic domains by Hubert & Schäfer (313 entries) , Glossary of the Office of the Commissioner General for Refugees and Stateless Persons (CGVS/CGRA), Haynes Technisch Woordenboek Engels-Nederlands, Health insurance glossary (Dutch-English-German)(244 entries), IEA Annex 31 Glossary, Intel's Trademarks and Brands (EN-NL), ISI glossary of statistical terms, glossary (2,298 Dutch, French, English, German entries), Linguistics, Microsoft Terminology Collection, MISSOC terminology (Mutual Information System on Social Protection / Social Security), Mozilla Glossary 1, Multilingual list of science names / Ontology of Scientific Journals (.xls on Google Drive),, Notebook Nederlandse en Vlaamse onderwijstermen in het Engels, Multilingual Glossary of Nice Classification System of goods and services relating to trademarks, rekeningstelsel/chart of accounts, Risk and Safety Statements, Road Safety Glossary (, SCA Packaging Six-Way Glossary by Data Translations Textran, SCA Packaging verpakkingswoordenlijst, Shopping and food glossary, compiled by the American Woman's Club Amsterdam (AWCA), Soil Management Glossary, Symbols, Terminologie Tolkendienst NL-FR-ENG.xls, Thesaurus for Education Systems in Europe (TESE), Tilburg University: Dutch-English Glossary of University related terms Glossary, Tribology Glossary, Vertaalsuggesties (Nederlands i18n-team), Vlietstra's Dictionary of Technical Terms, Wikipedia interlanguage links glossary, Wiktionary glossary,, Woordenboek " (I have uploaded a lot of glossaries in the past few years ;) 

Excellent Kevin, 

Really looking forward to any developments in that regard! It's about time we tapped into the potential of the site in terms of all the terminology that is floating around on it and its amazing number of daily visitors. So far, all my glossaries up there are pretty much dead data, but if they were linked to my TM-Town profile I could really start to breath some life into them!  

Actually, quite a few of "my" personal glossaries on were in fact created by other people (I just collect them and stick them on the site so other people can access them from the unified Proz term search interface; and of course as a bit of PR for myself;), so when I have a moment I'll contact them all and mention what is going on re TM-Town etc.

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Hi Michael,

Awesome idea! I will talk with on this and see if it is something they would be willing to do.

One thing I have talked with about (and is currently on the roadmap) would be a way to easily export your KudoZ and/or glossaries to your TM-Town account. As I'm currently working on a way for TM-Town users to more automatically start selling a glossary on the Terminology Marketplace with the push of a button, this would essentially allow you to pretty easily do the following:

a) export your glossaries / KudoZ to TM-Town

b) clean them up / improve them

c) start selling them on the marketplace

Your idea is great though and I will be sure to discuss it next time I talk with ProZ. Thanks!

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