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Button/keyboard shortcut to completely clear CT's memory or cache, for use when optimising glossary entries (Subject/Client fields) in connection with auto-assembly

Hi Igor,

I regularly tweak certain TXT glossary entries while translating, meaning, for example, I might delete certain entries, change Client/Subject fields, etc., in order to optimise auto assembly (AA) for either my current project or projects in general. After making a particular change, I then usually right-click and select "Reload glossary", move back one segment, and then move forward back to the segment I was at originally, to see if my optimisation worked. However, very often CafeTran will still auto assemble the segment in the previous manner, that is, not taking into account the changes I just made. Sometimes, it seems that the only way to force CT to use the new situationm is to restart CT.

So my feature request or question is as follows: can we have a special button or keyboard shortcut that would 100% clear CTs memory and/or cache, or whatever it is that is preventing me from being able to use the data in its newest form for AA?


PS: I just noticed a bug (of sorts) in the forum software: when writing a post, you need to press enter TWICE if you want to create a new paragraph. I have noticed this same bug in the KnowBrainer forum software. 

It's also a pity we can't edit our posts after writing them! 

Hi Michael,

The coming build refreshes the Auto-assembling cache each time you make changes to your glossaries in the Quick Term editor.


Fantasticamente, really looking forward to it!

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