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Add to the custom dictionary, as a non-translatables or glossary entry?

If you have the choice, add a brand name, type name, place name etc. as a non-translatables, since this will allow you to use Task  > Transfer non-translatable segments to target.

You can then filter on these segments and set them to checked (it'd be nice if this status was assigned automatically).

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Hmm, being able to use Task  > Transfer non-translatable segments to target is nice, but there are other considerations too. I used to save brand names etc. as non-translatables, but no longer do so. I realised that it is better to stick them in a TXT glossary entry, as this way I can add all the various versions a client may choose to use and get hits for them all.

For example, a company might be called "Burgermaster Zwalue B.V.", but might be spelled in 20 different ways in their documents ("Burgermaster Zwalue bv", "Burgermaster Zwalue BV", "Burgermaster Zwalue B.V", "Burgermaster-Zwalue bv ", "bv Burgermaster Zwalue", etc.).

Putting everything in your TXT glossary also has another advantage: everything can be found via F2, instead of having to look in both F2 and F4.


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