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CafeTran is fast

Not directly related to interoperability, but nevertheless very illustrative, Dominique's new video on Studio 2025.
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Ordered a new laptop for the kids. The Asus 11" broke down. I've now ordered this:

Note the 8 GB cache.


When they are in bed, I'll silently install CafeTran on it to check how fast it is ;).

This one got removed. Author mentioned CafeTran, moderator wrote about the reply: Please do not stray from topic.

I think this needs some clarification: Yes CafeTran, as an app, is fast. But also: it offers mechanisms that take you directly to where you want to be (as a translator). And it's organisation is simple: plain text resources.

I got Juniper her own Twitter name and Gmail address last night. I bit early perhaps, and who knows if they will even be around or relevant when she is old enough to use them, seeing as how she isn't yet 3 months old, but it's always good to be prepared ;)

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