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Office 2015 for Mac was released

When you have an Offce 365 license, you can download Office 2015 for Mac now.

Even better ;). It is called Office 2016.

And a screenshot:

Quote: Broadly speaking, the gaps between the Windows and Mac versions should be much smaller. The Mac version is no longer the Windows version's forgotten sibling; it's now its equal peer.
Should test codezapper and transtools in word 2016, though most likely they won't run

Just one note: If you are working for an eligible school or university (maybe even on a temporary base or only from time to time) and if you have a mail address of this institution, you are entitled to a free copy on five devices (same conditions as the Home edition). 

And yes, Office 2016 works as (rather) slow as Office 2011 did.

Hello Hans, am I right assuming that you did not get CodeZapper to work? Version 2.9.1 (should be the latest one) end with a compilation error (I did not test all shortcuts).

I didn't test it yet, Torsten. But indeed, I don't expect it to work.

Thanks for the tip! Will look into whether I ought to install it on Jen’s Mac.

Any more news re TransTools or CodeZapper?

I will check as soon as possible.

Note however, that the runnability of CZ on Word for Mac has no much to do with the technical specs of VBA on Mac. It's rather an (understandable) design decision.

TT has promised full support for Mac, but has yet to deliver.

Well, for me, as a human being, CT's own OCR filter is enough.

Since when were you a mere human bean? I thought you were "Hans CafeTran Wiki " (or HCTW for short)!

The last time I used the CT’s built in OCR filter, my computer caught fire and I fell out the window. Surely no coincidence.

Okay, I'll test it this week. Or the next. Or the week after. BTW: Just read that Wordfast Classic doesn't run on this version of Word.
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