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How to create pdf for use as preview?

Turn off hyphenation Remove table of contents Consider to print hidden text too: if this concerns whole sentences or paragraphs: yes. If it concerns alternative values and model numbers etc. inside sentences: probably not.

What exactly are you aiming at? Are you suggesting a feature for creating a target text preview in PDF format instead of (or in addition to) the existing docx previews? Or is this about a possible source text (pre)view feature?


>Or is this about a possible source text (pre)view feature?

Yes it is.

And in most of the cases it should be a request to your client:

Can you please turn off hyphenation when you create this nice PDF from FrameMaker/InDesign/QuickSilver for me?

Since hyphenation is hindering synchronisation of source preview and source segments in the TE.

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