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Previewing your IDML translation in Scribus

Since free Scribus can read Indesign IDML files, you can use it to verify your target files.

I use 1.5.0, the latest stable version, on a Mac. To give you an impression (PDF vs IDML):


Hi Hans,
thanks for the tip.
I just tried Scribus - the version for Ubuntu installed by Ubuntu's package installer a) is an older version which can't read IDML files and b) crashes before you can even open a file (!).
Don't have time to work out how to install a more recent version right now, but that's definitely going on my to-do list once this job is out the door.


Well... Scribus can open IDML files, but it doesn't look like the original (as sent to me as PDF), and it seems to lack just about all fonts. Better than nothing, though.


Thanks for the tip Hans - going to try this right now!!


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