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REQ: Option for changing checked segment color

I've never had time to play with View > Appearance > Colors before.

But I have today (no, not really), so now I'm using a pastel theme customized by me. 

However, one option that is missing is for checked segments, which is grey by default.

Honestly, with this level of customization (or personalization?), I think CT is the best!

Working in a pastel pink environment refreshes me like +50% :)

I would like to thank you, Igor, for giving us (especially me) this customization!

Happy translating!


And I thought: No Hans, don't offer the Pink theme too, it'll start a discussion :).

Roze Maandag in Tilburg: July 20!

Hello Hans,

"The beauty is in the eye of beholder". My daughter likes pinks and a female user sent me today a really nice raspberry theme. :)


Yes of course, and actually I really like pink. Well, not as much as orange (which is really beautiful), but anyway. And I'll make sure that I enjoy the parades on Pink Monday in our Town too.

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