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Proposal: CafeTran's Notes should be called Comments

As in many other CAT tools

Mätschpätsch is really horrible and very representative for Kilgray's Marketing Machine: make a lot of noise about something that has been available in other CAT tools since mensenheugenis.

I actually rather like "match patch" as it sounds good, clearly indicates what it is and is easy to remember. Maar smaken verschillen. Sometimes a good name is just as important as the thing itself. If people like and remember a name for sth, they are often more likely to remember it's there, use it, and mention it to other people. Like with this match patch. All the memoQ users will now start talking about it and at the end of the day the world will be left thinking it is a memoQ thing, even though they are one of the last to finally get it. Terminology and rhetoric help shape human history and memory.

For me, a patch as a rather negative connotation. Lapwerk, samenflansen.

I guess that the correct German translation would be: Zickenflicken?

Hmm, OK. To me it sounds perfect: the feature "patches" up the pieces that need "patching". See e.g.


Mend or strengthen (fabric or clothing) with a patch: "her jeans were neatly patched"

synonyms: mend, repair, put a patch on, cover, sew, sew up, stitch, stitch up

Computing Improve or correct (a routine or program) by inserting a patch:

had he patched our system to recognize a magic password?


A piece of cloth or other material used to mend or strengthen a torn or weak point: "the jacket was of well-worn tweed with leather patches on the elbows"

Well, there's always the aspect of user's expectations ... Where will they look, coming from less advanced CAT tools?

The real Patch Match:
(96.4 KB)
Agree, and have been asking for this on and off for quite some time now. Not just most CAT tools, but MS Word too uses "comment".

I am really not sure why CT should follow other CAT tools in this respect or another. One day I will make a democratic vote for it so the users will decide. Perhaps "elucidations". ;)


Hmm, you might be right. Just gave it some more thought and "note" might actually be a better word than "comment" for what these things are.

Yes, this way of coming up with the best term is much better than just blindly following other tools. First, let's give it some thought and discuss. But I also like some terms used in other Cats such as match patch, auto-suggestion etc. Let's give CT a bit of individuality, though.


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