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Joined panes: order is lost

I'm not sure what caused this. Perhaps it was because I pressed F11 or a combination of F11 and another key, but here's my problem:

I've 4 resources that I'd like to display in my tabbed pane (a fifth resource on display 2):

1. Google Translate

2. Bing Translator

3. TM1

4. TM2

It used to be like this:

TM1 Google

TM2 Bing

So: the TMs above each other, the MTs above each other and below the Translation Editor.

Now I have:

Bing Google


No matter how I try to join them, this order constantly returns. How can I fix this?

My experience is that you need to Disjoin them all and then Join them in the order you want them to appear in. Whatever you select first gets stuck to the, uhm, left, I think. So if you join Google to Bing, Google will be displayed first. And vice versa.

Yes. That's what I thought too. However ...


I've found it!

The cause was the height of the horizontal bar below the grid. If this bar is positioned too high, the order of the panes in the tabbed pane is switched. By dragging it up and down, I was able to find the correct height for:

TM1 Google

TM2 Bing



Yeah, that sometimes happens when you move stuff around. A bit of fiddling always solves it.

Anyone interested in a video about this?

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