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How can I recognise my glossary entries in the Source segment pane?

Did someone manage to create a colour combination (View > Appearance > Colors) that allows you to recognise the boundaries of your source terms from your glossary?

(I wouldn't mind to not see the green colour for the fragments at all, personally I find them distracting.)

My Source segment:

Two entries from my glossary:


As you can see: there's no way that I can see that both entries are being used here for auto-assembling. Overlapping/colour matching clash?

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The first thing I usually do when installing CafeTran is activate: 

View > Colours > Hide memory match colors in the source segment

This leaves only the glossary matches highlighted.



Here's another example of what I mean:

One could suspect that 'die linke Mastaste loslassen' is actually a glossary entry. However, it consists of two other entries:


How about changing the term match font color to a color other than black?

It gives you double information at the same time.

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