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Please! Help the German Com-Munity! Crazy Binde-Striche

Would it be able to introduce a way that deals with the 'crazy Bindestriche' (superfluous hard hyphens), in words like:

Folgende Export-Möglichkeiten stehen zur Verfügung:

When your glossary contains Exportmöglichkeiten?

I'm not asking for any fuzziness here, I'd just appreciate an exact solution very much. This is really slowing me down.

I also see this a lot:

Folgende Export- Möglichkeiten stehen zur Verfügung:

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Although the problem is probably worse in Dutch and German, no one knows where to put them or whether to use them in English either.

It's quite easy: put them where they are needed.

Dear Mr. Woorden Sir, you all-knowing genius!

Can Termbases be the solution for Crazy Bindastricha?

Tropföl-Sammelraum in Text

Tropfölsammelraum in Termbase

Can you please check and report.

Thanks in advance!

over and out

radio silence

I said silence!

Must I come over with a wooden hammer?

Case closed. Problem solved. Moving on to a new challenge.

the placing of dashes is totally arbitrary

I disagree. it is not arbitrary, but sometimes right and sometimes wrong. "Arbitrary" choices are where the chooser is always right, no matter what. "Curing" a source document to make it find what your repositories contain will always be an uphill struggle. The best we can hope for is that "rubbish in" equals "refuse out".

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