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Please! Help the German Com-Munity! Crazy Binde-Striche

Would it be able to introduce a way that deals with the 'crazy Bindestriche' (superfluous hard hyphens), in words like:

Folgende Export-Möglichkeiten stehen zur Verfügung:

When your glossary contains Exportmöglichkeiten?

I'm not asking for any fuzziness here, I'd just appreciate an exact solution very much. This is really slowing me down.

I also see this a lot:

Folgende Export- Möglichkeiten stehen zur Verfügung:

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I didn't know that! I thought that this category of characters was meant for the TM only.

Anyway, I guess that this means that I cannot have the glossary set to Match case?

Hi Hans,

Do you mean you didn't know that the "Do not match" list applies to TXT glossaries? I always assumed it applies to TMs (used for segments and/or terms), and TXT glossaries.

I am puzzled though hos this might affect the ability of making a TXT glossary case sensitive? How are the two related?


Hello Hans,

This binde-striche case seems like a good candidate for a regular expression:



Hello Igor,

That would require inserting regular expressions in my big glossary. Would it be possible to work the other way around: if a dash is spotted inside a word, followed by a uppercase letter (preceded by zero ore one space), CafeTran handles this like the do not match category and ignores the dash, while the following letter is interpreted as lowercase:

Sour segment:


Found in glossary as:


Hello Hans,

I will explore how to solve it although it might involve introducing some limited fuzziness to glossary matching.


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