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Collaborate with a shared TM with real-time updates

Hello all,

I want to let you know of a new feature available for CafeTran/TM-Town users. It is now possible for 2 translators, working separately (each in CafeTran) to use a shared TM and both add segments to that shared TM (the TM being stored on TM-Town). Any added segments will be immediately searchable by either translator.

Here is a quick example of how it works (I'll post a more detailed example with pictures on the TM-Town blog soon).

- Translator A uploads a TM to TM-Town

- Translator A shares the TM with Translator B (the new sharing feature can be found in the 'Document Management' tab)

Now both Translator A and B will be able to see the TM in their TM-Town pane in CafeTran. Each translator checks the 'Add segments' box in the TM-Town pane and each segment either translator translates will now be added real-time to the shared TM-Town TM. As a new segment is added it becomes available to search by either translator.

I think this feature may be useful for translators who are collaborating on a project and want to keep their TM in sync. Let me know what you think and any feedback / suggestions for improvements.



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