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Microsoft Edge!

Das hört sich wirklich gut an: Microsoft Edge ... (German)

Not 100% sure if and when I'll dare to take the plunge from Win7 to Win10, and am happily using Opera (the beta) these days, but it definitely looks interesting!

Edge on the brink

Brink is a Dutch word. Not sure how it is meant here ;).

Edge of a cliff

About to fall

Edge is crap. I still use Chrome.

If a browser doesn't support LastPass, I can't use it.

To be honest, I am quite underwhelmed by the entire Win10 thing. The UI is just so crap and slow. Anything involving the start menu (which I don't use; I use Classic Start Menu), Cortana, Windows search, taskbar icons, etc. are all too slow.

Due to idiocy on my part, I am currently stuck on Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Build 10532, and cannot roll back to 7 anymore. Wish I had stayed on 7 64-bit. I don't use or like any of the new features on 10, and the UI is more responsive on 7.

It's not such a disaster though, as I usually don't use much of the OS's apps anyway: I use XYplorer for file management navigation, Classic Start Menu for the start menu, various much better apps for searching (never touch Windows search), Chrome for browsing (every browser MS ever made was complete garbage), ... So in a sense, it doesn't matter what OS I am on.

Everything I do run, runs perfectly and is beautifully responsive. It's just a shame the underlying UI is so crap.  

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