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Change the colours of the CafeTran interface

With CafeTran you can change the colours of many elements of the interface.

You can adjust the colours via View > Appearance > Themes:

There is the Default theme:

The Dark theme:

The Blue theme:

The Uniform theme:

The Image background - transparent black theme with Steel background:

I'll try to create two other times:

Dark roasted (brown background)

Green tea (for the ladies: subtle green background)

See also: Themes in the Wiki

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Speaking of making things easier on the eyes, the other day, I realised that staring at all that white on your screen probably isn't such a good idea. After a little experimentation with CafeTran's myriad themes and custom colour/background image options, I created this custom theme, which I find soothes my eyeballs no end.

Wot's wot

(1) = Project TM (CT uses TMXs natively)

(2) = Google Translate plugin

(3) = MyMemory MT plugin

(4) = My big TXT Glossary (tab-delimited UTF-8) w/ 10 columns

(5) = The Grid

(6) = The Translation Editor (= source + target pane)

See also Hans's post over at, @ (where I also posted this posted posted this posted posted this posted posted this posted posted this posted posted this posted this post).



Are there any spec limits for image files that can be used as a background?

I'm asking this because those I created before did not fit CT perfectly -- CT suddenly captured the desktop image.


Hello Masato,

You can choose any image for the background in the dark or white based image themes by clicking the camera button. To adjust transparency use the slider next to this button. CT captures your desktop image only when you choose the transparent desktop theme.


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