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Request for case adjustment and whole word selection in quick term editor

It seems that now it is not possible to adjust the case and select the whole word in the quick term editor.

The case adjustment capability, in particular, would be very helpful and make my work more efficient if implemented there!

Or, is it already possible in one way or other?

Case adjustment: Ctrl+=

Selecting whole word: double click

Thanks Hans!

Would you teach me the case change shortcut for MacOS, if you know (Ctrl+= seems to be for Windows).

Not it this, er, case :)


Dear Hans,

may I ask you what you meant with "Not it this, er, case :)" ?

Masato seems to have understood it, but I don't. :) Is there any shortcut for Mac?

Thank you so much and a nice day ahead!


I'm sometimes finding myself hard to understand. I have no idea what I meant there. Probably that Ctrl+= is valid for OS X too.

No problem! I really appreciate your constant effort to find a solution.

Ctrl + = is not valid on my OS X.


That's strange! It is the default keyboard shortcut for OS X too. What have you listed here:

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