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Subsegment to Auto threshold and Subsegment to Virtual threshold

I'm playing with CT setting again. After reading the wiki, I still do not understand the following.

How do they relate to each other, in terms of correct guessing and AA?

If I set Subsegment to Auto threshold to 0, does this mean that CT will never use subsegment in AA?

How does increasing Subsegment to Virtual threshold increase the probability of CT guessing correctly?

More importantly, how can I delete CT's wrong guess of subsegment translation from its memory? There are a lot of them now.

I'm currently using the default setting.

Thank you in advance!



CafeTran offers its own Machine Translation engine which is consists of a few features such as exact, fuzzy, fragment, subsegment matching as well as auto-assembling and auto-suggestion. Please see this link for the details of the subsegment thresholds:


I share this question!

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