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After exporting, MS Word shows wrong language.

I'm quite sure it is normal MS Word will show that all words in the document is in Thai. However, of course, there are some that are actually in English.

The problem now is that I need to change the font.

For Thai characters, I need to use Angsana New, 16 pt.

For English characters, I need to use Times New Roman, 12 pt.

I set up in the Font window of MS Word, but all characters are now in Angsana New 16. :(

However, this problem does not exist in LibreOffice.

I have to do the formatting in LO and check it again in MS Word. :(

Is there a way to correct this?

PS. I'm not sure if I'm posting at the right forum or not.


Hello Kwang,

Please see this link:

It might be the solution.


Hi Igor,

It still does not work. The font for latin characters is still Arial, although I set it to be Times New Roman. 

Selecting the English words, I notice that the Language window still shows that they are in Thai.

I'm using Word 2007, BTW.


Recently I had the same problem with a Word file provided from my agency; the language cannot be changed in the translated file.

After trying all the solutions that were going around on the Internet including the Microsoft site, the problem still persisted.

So, I created a brand-new blank file, selected the desired language, and then copied and pasted all the translation from that "problem" file: this worked!

Yet, I still don't know why, in some files, the language (hence font) seems to be a sort of "locked."


Hi Kwang,

Here are my two cents.

Cent one: First of all, I'm not sure if it will be of any use, but I sometimes have documents with the wrong language set, or with various languages set, where it should all be one language. In these cases, I run a little tool in CodeZapper called "LangID". You basically enter the desired language (code) for the entire document and it sets all ranges in the doc to this language, including in hard-to-find places like text boxes, etc. As I said though, not sure if this will be of much use to you, but I thought I might mention it anyway, just in case.


Cent two: I can't remember if you are on Windows or not, but if you are, and you still haven't figure out a way to solve this, you might want to email Stanislav Okhvat, the developer of TransTools ( I have sent him several feature requests over the past year or so, some of which he has already added to his very cool program, and this problem sounds like a perfect candidate for a new TransTools function. You can reach him @


Hi Masato,

Thank you for your input. I'm trying to figure out and it seems that the source file is the culprit.

The file I'm working on does not have this problem (just checked by previewing the file).

Hi Michael,

Thank you. I'm a Windows user. I've never tried CodeZapper before. I will take a look at it.

And I'm a fan of TransTools too! It makes my life much easier. 

I've contacted Stanislav directly once, about some newbie installation problem, and he was very helpful!

I will reach him again soon.


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