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Carrying a CT segment note into SDL Trados

Besides the use of a TMX termbase as suggested in CT Wiki to carry segment notes into SDL Trados, I just came up with a new idea.

Where you are working on an SDL Trados file (.sdlxliff), include a note after the translation in the current target segment. It might be helpful to write the note on a new line with a certain "marker," like this.

"This is a translation.

??? The source sentence has a grammatical error ..."

Be sure to commit only the translation into an active memory (by the use of the TMX termbase function).

Open the file in SDL Trados, and search for target segments that contain the "marker" (in this case, "???").

Cut off the note from the target segment and paste it in the comment box.


I found that "???" is not good (i.e., it seems that "???" cannot be used for search operation in CT). Please use "***" etc.

I think that it's actually possible to search for question marks. You'd have to tick the right checkbox in the F/R dialogue box or use a regular expression to do so.

It would be interesting to examine the Open Exchange library for Studio to check if there is a plug-in that can convert certain strings in SDLXLIFF files to notes.

E.g. Mark with [{ and }] and run the plug-in.

Paul, are you reading this?

Studio 2015 has an option to use a certain column as comments (that's how notes are called in Studio). I don't see a possibility to use this to import CafeTran notes yet.

Dear Hans,

Thanks for your suggestions.

If there are not so many segments that need commenting, a handwritten memo is enough. But if there are many ... it's a headache!

Not 100% sure, but I think this is on Igor's to-do list.

That's a good news.

May be a Christmas present!

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