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emotion... my first message here!

Anyone with .idml + CT experience here?

Does it work well?

I have to translate an sdlprj with 5 .idml files inside, but I'd rather do this job with CT than Studio.



Why not combine the best of two worlds and simply translate the ppx?

Fact is, lieber Hans, that I do not have a ppx, customer has no Studio version allowing to make packages so he sent an sdl project file.

Okay, I understand. But you could translate the sdlxliff.

Yep, Hans, that's what I'm doing now.

Always helpful, thanks.


It would be interesting to observe the difference in quality of the ID filters of:

  • CafeTran
  • Studio
  • memoQ
  • Transit
with regards to (amongst others) 'linear representation' of the text flow and representation of 'special characters' (written between quotes, since they aren't actually that special) like non-breaking spaces as eiher tags (disturbing!) or Unicode non-breaking spaces.

My guess would be that the order above is also the order of quality.

Meaning that if you have access to one of the other CAT tools, you should use the one higher in the order to achieve the best result, making your work easier.

What kind of preview are you using? PDF?

I'm currently investigating ways to get rid of disturbing soft hyphens, since they hinder syncing. For obvious reasons I don't want to convert to DOCX (yet).

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