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First steps with CafeTran Espresso - CATguru flavour

The choice of CAT tools for professional translators used to be limited and they tended to be expensive. This is no longer the case and translators can now choose from a variety of tools, including inexpensive ones. This series of five videos covers inexpensive, yet fully-featured CAT tools costing from 0 to 139 euros.

This video is about CafeTran Espresso, an inexpensive (80 euros) tool created by Igor Kmitowski. Like OmegaT, CafeTran is Java-based and as such multi-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux).

The video shows how to create a project, how to open a Word document, translate it and export the translated document.


new comment on my blog post:

"I’d never used one of these programmes before but thanks to the video it was a piece of cake"

I noticed there’s a link to a very old video I made about CafeTran (in 2012), although a much newer one (June 2015) is available:

It’s partly outdated, since it covers CT 2015, not CT 2016, but it’s definitely more up-to-date than the 2012 video.

These videos don't exist

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