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First posting at CafeTran Freshdesk

Hello all,

My name is Hans, I am a technical translator for German > Dutch, and I am the creator of

I guess that I will be posting to this forum mainly, since I like to share a lot of snippets and ideas that I have during the day.



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Hello Tany,

Did you already try to make a new project, e.g. for a Microsoft Word document?

Thank you for all your kind help. I am new in the use of CAT Tools and have started with CafeTran Espresso. I am very gratefull for the opportunity of learning how to use and practicing with it before having to adquire the license. I read orientations from the manual, I already installed the program and practiced with the Arnao SDL package. Any advice to guide me what to leasrn next?

Nice Regards,


Welcome to the new forums! All forums should be accessible to users now.


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