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What is the best way to update CT?


Here on Mac, I noticed that I lose my Hunspell dictionaries (and maybe a few other things or settings) each and every time I update CT.

As a solution, I open the dmg file (instead of launching it) and I take only the Cafetran.jar file. It does the job (so I don't have to reinstall the Hunspell dicos), but I wonder if other files are also modified when CT is updated...

Where do you get the files for your updates from? Do you download them from the CafeTran website or do you request an update file from CafeTran support. I think most users (not specifically Mac users) do the latter. With an update file, you can update by Dragging & Dropping it onto the CT window or by choosing "Help - About" and then clicking on "Install update".


Hello, I'm a Japanese translator.

Recently I had the same question.

Asking for an update file from the support desk seems to be the easiest and safest way, but if you want to do the updating as you wish (and without bothering the support team), you can download CT from this site ... but you should copy at least the following folders somewhere else before updating (i.e., before overriding the existing version) and paste them back, as they are not retained.

- Contents > Java > Infos > resources > Glossaries (where res. files for glossaries are stored; when res. files are here, glossary listing is retained on the menu bar)

- Contents > Java > Infos > resources > Internet (where res. files for Internet resources are stored)

- Contents > Java > resources > spellchecker (where Hunspell files are stored)

I hope that update files will be downloadable from the "My Account" page.

Martin, I used to get the new jar file from Igor, but now that the updates are available on the site I simply download them (when I see some interesting new feature in the Change Log), open the content in Finder and take only the jar file.

Masato, thank you for your remarks and advices. I'm asking more details about the jar file because I know that Igor sometimes adds new menus or options (or modify them), so some new/modified files (new icons, new options) may be missing if I update only the jar file. Igor, can you confirm?

Hello all and welcome, 

The new build will be officially announced soon. This time, I plan to make it downloadable with easy steps to update your current installation without overwriting any files or settings. I will announce it at the new forum here.

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So is such a download available for the build of 30 June?


How about allowing users to save their user files and settings outside the CafeTran package?


I posted a message about the available update in the News forum.


Yesterday before updating CT my tool bars were green, today they are some sort of caca d'oie, sand colour, I don't like.

How do I get my green bars back without f ***** up my whole setting?



anybody here running Office 365 Personnel on a Mac?

Is it worth it?

I threw 2011 out, was slow und sluggish.

Any comment is welcome.


Currently, the 365 version of Word is 2011, if I'm not mistaken. Perhaps you like the beta for Word:mac 2015 more? It certainly looks nice!

Hi Wolfgang!

To change the colour of the toolbars, choose "View - Appearance - Colors - Toolbars color".

What OS / Java version are you using. On my PC (Win7 with Java 8), the toolbar colour stayed the same after the update. Only when I chose "View - Appearance - Colours - Use default colours", the toolbar colour was changed to the new sand colour (which I prefer, by the way).


I think that Wolfgang performed a major update, whereas you performed a minor one. Igor's currently playing with colours. My CafeTran GUI looks green, actually the same green as the menu bar of this Freshdesk. And white of course. And black for the text.


I've been playing with colour settings recently too. At first I didn't like the blue-green either and tried light grey, but then reverted to the blue-green. Now I prefer the new sand colour (with light grey being number two on my list).


Yesss, thanks Martin, green bars again. Sand colour gives me a feeling of heat, sun and all, and of this we have plenty these days. Green is more refreshing, like a mint sweet. ;-)

@Hans Cafe Trans Wiki (funny name, BTW):

Will look for that 2015 beta


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